YouTube Fights Pedophiles

YouTube, the Google owned video sharing website, is taking a strong stand against the problem of pedophilic video’s on it’s network.

They have recently decided that no one, regardless if they are a pedophile or not, will be able to leave comments on any video containing children.  How exactly they will manage to do such a thing, and to identify all of these types of videos still has yet to be revealed.

A YouTube Figure, Matthew Watson, back in February posted a video that contained content which he described to be a light form of pedophilia. He posted the video in order to show the disturbing comments that users were leaving on such videos.  The videos he posted generally included children engaging in every day activities, such as playing games – meaning the videos did not actually go against the policies of YouTube, which is exactly where the problem comes in.

The comments that were left on some of these videos, however included suggestive words as well as emojis, and even more alarming was that actual links to more direct child pornography were posted in those comments too.

After Watson’s shared video to bring attention to the issue spread throughout the internet, a number of large companies decided to remove their advertisements from YouTube. In response, YouTube delete many channels that proved to be problematic, as well as comments and users.

YouTube then announced that they plan to ban the ability to comment on any videos that include young children that could potentially be victims, at least for the next few months. According to reports. YouTube plans to use their algorithms in order to identify which videos are problematic, although this seems like no simple, straightforward task.

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