Your Last Day On Earth

Do you ever wonder what you would do if it was your last day on earth? Do you ever dream up some crazy, wild ideas of things that you would never dare to do?

What would you do? Would you still be worried about what everyone else thought of you? Would you still make an effort in your appearance, and think about what you’re wearing? Would you look in the mirror before leaving your house?

Would you still be posting stories on Instagram and checking who saw them and who sent you back a message?

Probably not. You probably wouldn’t be looking for the approval of others if you really knew it was your last day on earth, now would you do?

Would you still be afraid of your greatest fears? Would you do everything you’ve always hesitated to do? Would you tell everyone everything you’ve always wanted to tell them? Would you erase your filter?

You probably would, if you really knew that this was it, right? Would you still think about what you ate? Would you eat the most indulgent, unhealthy and high calorie foods?

You probably would. Because it would be as though nothing else mattered anymore. You could finally let go and do everything you always wanted, without thinking twice. Because then, all of a sudden, that would be it, right?

But sometime, we don’t always know before it’s our last day on earth. In fact, mostly, we don’t know. And what if was? And we didn’t even have the chance to know and to do everything we always wanted to do.

Isn’t it about time that we stopped worrying so much about the future and how other people view us? Life is too short to waste it. Spend every day as though its your last. Even if it means taking risks every day. Stop waiting for your last day to really live.

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