Young Blood To Fight Aging

Blood transfusions have been around for decades and have managed to successfully save countless lives. Where we would be without them is completely unimaginable. And now, a startup has medical to use this traditional medical procedure to fight the effect of aging.

They have decided that injecting older people with young blood will be able to do so, through a highly controversial treatment known as Ambrosia, named after the mythological Greek god, believed to be one of immortality.

According to the founder of the startup, Jesse Karmazin, it takes a mere two hours to have an entire two liters of plasma from young donors injected into your body, and that the results are completely amazing, claiming that it can completely improve the memory, strength, as well as the appearance of people who have received these injections.

Despite boasting it’s highly successful results, they did in fact have a study that was officially stopped in January 2018, and have yet to share the results of the study publicly, making this research highly controversial.

It was announced that a clinic for the treatment would be opened in New York, however it also has yet to come into play, however these transfusions are currently being offered in Tampa and in San Francisco for the hefty cost of $8-12 thousand dollars per transfusion.

Lately however, the founder has been more and more careful about the claims he’s been making, especially since there is no clinical evidence that it is healthy.

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