World’s Strangest Creatures

Our world is full of beautiful, diverse species and incredibly unique forms of life that can be found in the most unlikely places. Our world is also full of strange and unusual creatures that are beautiful in their own way… well, maybe. Here are some of our favorite under-appreciated creatures we are lucky enough to share our world with.


Giant Isopod


Getty Images/ AFP/ Christophe Archambault


A giant isopod refers to numerous species of oversized isopods that are found in abundance in cold, deep water of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Some can grow up to 20 inches long and weight around 3-5 pounds.



Orchid Mantis


Getty Images/ Entertainment/ Shirlaine Forrest


Other than the butterfly family, this strange creature is among the most beautiful insects out there. It is among the species of the flower mantises, which both look like and copy the flowers they come across.  Their colors can change, ranging from white and yellow, to pink and brown.


Spider Crabs


Getty Images/ Boston Globe/ Tom Herde


This super creepy spider crab is Japanese and is known as the taka-ashi-gani in Japan, which translates to ”tall legs crab”.  Their legs can reach up to 12 feet in length, and weigh as much as 42 pounds. It looks like something that could attack all of Japan in a Godzilla movie.



Mantis Shrimp


Getty Images/ AFP/ Alex Ogle


The Mantis Shrimp may appear to be a cross between a crayfish and a parrot, but it’s not to be disturbed. It moves extremely fast, so much so that they actually boil the water surrounding them. The shockwaves they produce are so strong that they can kill their prey.




Getty Images/
Christian Science Monitor/ Melanie Stetson Freeman


Frogmouths are found in the Western Ghats mountain range of Sri Lanka and South India. They live in the dense undergrowth of tropical forests, and are very difficult to spot due to their grey-brown feathers.  What makes them uniquely strange is their rather oversized head.





Getty Images/ Fairfax Media Archives/ Kenneth Stevens


This creature is so weird that the first scientists to have discovered them back in 1799 actually believed them to be fake and that they were made from sewing a variety of animals together. However, this is a real animal. It’s got the feet of an otter, the tail of a Beaver, and the bill of a duck.  They were once hunted for their fur, but they are now protected.


Coconut Crabs




These tropical looking coconut crabs are a species of the hermit crab.  They mostly live on the coasts of the Indian Ocean and the central Pacific Ocean.  They eat mainly fleshy fruits and seeds, however they also consume dead animals.  Their only known predators are other coconut crabs and humans.




damsefly with blue eyes


Damselflies are insects that are very similar to dragonflies, but are smaller and have slimmer bodies. They are predatory insects which means they hunt and eat other insects. They are found in freshwater habitats such as ponds, lakes, and rivers. It is said that damselflies symbolize purity, protection, and equality.


Assassin Bug


Getty Images/ Barcroft Media/ Sijori Images


These alien like predators are in the same family as the plant-eating Shield Bug, however their favorite victims are ants and bees. They are best known for their ninja-like skills, including the ability to coat themselves with ant carcasses to disguise themselves.





Getty Images/ AFP


There are eight different species of the Pangolin that can be found in both Africa and Asia. They are the most heavily trafficked mammals in the world, and are highly endangered. They appear similar to pine cones and ancient Armadillos, with long tongues, and stink glands so bad, they can be compared to skunks.


Bocydium Globulare


Getty Images/ News/ Patrick Landmann


This Brazilian treehopper belongs to the treehopper family, and has very strange features similar to a helicopter. They can be found throughout the world, however are most dominant in South America, Africa, Asia, North America, and Australia.



 mandarin duck

mandarin duck

Getty images/Moment/ Vicki Jauron, Babylon and Beyond Photography

The mandarin duck is beautiful and covered in many different colors. These exotic looking can be found in lakes and parks. These ducks are famous for being a monogamous species, meaning that they mate for life. The mandarin duck has become a symbol for love and fidelity for couples in China, Japan, and Korea.