World’s First Plus-Sized Resort

Located in the Caribbean on the secret island of Eleuther,

The Resort is a new sanctuary for plus-sized people who are seeking a relaxing vacation without the need to feel ashamed about laying out in a bikini. It is believed to be the first of it’s kind.

They opened their gates approximately two years ago, and ever since have been successful and full of overweight tourists seeking a holiday free of judgement.  The entire complex was specially designed with overweight people at heart, with wider than usual doorways,  beds stronger than anywhere else and meter wide beach chairs made from very strong wood. The toilets are even custom made for heavier people.

James King is the mind behind The Resort who apparently came up with this idea 14 years ago after seeing an overweight person break a piece of furniture by accident and be humiliated.  The guest of the hotel further had to pay a penalty, as if the humiliation was not enough.

That’s why King decided to make a judgement free sanctuary where guests will never have to worry about being laughed at. Together with his staff they aim to understand the insecurities that come with being overweight and try to make their guests feel welcome, accepted and comfortable.

Guests who have stayed at the hotel express what a nice relief it is for them to have found such a place where they can be noticed for their beauty, rather than their weight.

According to King most of the guests are American, with 10% of them from New York. There are also other from Europe, mainly from Spain or the UK.  The resort only allows small groups to come and not individual people.

But no need to give up, King also has exciting plans to open up another resort for plus-size people nearby where singles and couples will be more than welcome.

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