World Record Food

It’s safe to say that most of us have eaten some pretty unique things in life: Maybe it was a bowl of mom’s special homemade chili (the secret ingredient forever classified), maybe it was some weird French snail type of thing, maybe it was just a really big fruit. But, we’ve never eaten a truly, world record-worthy meal. This begs the question: What constitutes a world record meal? Well, hopefully, these record-breaking foods will help answer that timeless question.

World’s Biggest Pumpkin

Gettyimages / Justin Sullivan / Getty Image News

This monstrous piece of pumpkin belongs to Leonardo Urena of Napa, California. You can see him fist-pumping right by his monolithic pumpkin, which weighs approximately 2,17 pounds. The pumpkin won the Safeway World Championship Pumpin Weigh-Off (which, apparently, is a thing) in 2019. The world, always incredibly sensitive to the ups and downs of pumpkin weigh-offs, hasn’t been the same ever since.

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