Worker Saves Kittens In Icy Snow

Usually, the basic day job consists of the same exact routine, the 9-5 desk shift, and the same tasks daily but on some days it’s different. In the case of this man, he was doing his usual tasks of the day, when his roadside stop brought him to be a hero.

The man by the name of Kendall Diwisch was on the job when he came across the unusual. While completing well check-ups, he heard sounds coming from the snow. Sooner realizing, these sounds were kittens meowing for help. There were three kittens whose tails got frozen over in the snow.

Seeing this, Diwisch found the first thing that helps melt the snow, his hot coffee that he had in his truck. Although the coffee was not hot enough so actions had to be taken. Using a little force, Diwisch was able to wiggle them out of the ice. Thankfully, he was able to be successful while on the job, literally.

No kittens were harmed and a worker had a more exciting day than usual. Saving three innocent kittens, giving the world a heart-warming story and becoming a hero!