Words With Strange Origins

Etymologies are a delightfully niche interest. Barely anyone cares, but the people who do – oh boy, do they care. It is of our opinion that the interest is justified: Seriously, what could be more interesting than the secret history of the words which we all speak on a regular basis? That’s why we compiled a brief list of words with surprising etymologies, just to show the unbelievers how wrong they truly are.


Gettyimages/ Brian Macdonald/ DigitalVision

Definitely one of the most unforgettable etymologies. The word ‘Sandwich’ has its roots in the life of a certain 18th-century politician. English nobleman John Montagu held the title of the Fourth Earl of Sandwich. Yeah, that’s a place.  It’s unclear whether Montagu had requested his meals to be delivered in the form of a sandwich in order to fuel his gambling addiction, or whether the sandwiches were a way for him to remain at his desk and attend to his daily duties throughout lunch. These contrasting depictions are very much indicative of the duality of the sandwich: A food for the overly-productive, but also for the irredeemably lazy.

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