Woolworth’s Initiates “Elderly Only” Shopping Hours

Amidst all the panic caused by COVID-19, it seems a lot of people have forgotten to care about their fellow citizens. The panic-buying epidemic means that people are cleaning out the supermarket shelves and leaving nothing behind for those who need it most – the elderly and the disabled.

Yes, old people need pasta and mineral water and toilet paper too. In fact, they need it more than most of us do right now, seeing as the 60+ demographic is at a much higher risk of contracting the virus. But those odds aren’t stopping people from grabbing up much more than they actually need. To counter this, one Australian supermarket chain is stepping up.

Woolworths is introducing an “Elderly Only” shopping hour, from 7:00-8:00 each morning, during which Australia’s senior citizens and disabled people have the supermarket all to themselves, and will get first dibs on the store’s freshly stocked shelves. Here’s a tweet from their official  twitter page:

Let’s hope that more supermarkets and vendors take a leaf out of their book and make an effort to help those who are truly in need. It’s pretty upsetting that society has gotten to a point where we need this kind of reminder, but from here on out, let’s just focus on being better to one another, and treating people the way we’d like to be treated.

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