Wine Flavored Water

A Spanish winery has announced a brand new, revolutionary water that is actually wine flavored.  This can allow people to enjoy the fine taste of white or red wine without worrying about gaining weight due to the high caloric content of wine. Furthermore, they don’t have to worry about getting drunk.

The enriched water, Vida Gallaecia is the product of two years of work by both scientists at the State Agency of the Higher Council of Scientific Research and the Bodega Liquido Gallaecia winery.

It is reported to taste just like like wine, however does not contain any alcohol or calories, making it appropriate to be consumed anywhere and anytime.  The secret formula is yet to be revealed, however the creators have said that is does involve grapes from the residues from the wine making process.

Although this special wine water is not yet available commercially, it has been promoted to several potential partners and has plans to be launched soon in Spain. Their most promising market however is Japan, where such products are shown to be popular.

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