Wifi Powered Smartphones

Electromagnetic signals are probably bouncing around the room between your many electronic devices, including your smartphone, your laptop, and all of your other devices that are connected to the internet, whether you are aware of it or not.

Wi-Fi signals could serve as a promising alternative to batteries, due to an all new device that is capable of picking up Wi-Fi signals and converting it into electricity.

Rectennas is the technology that built this innovative device. Although it’s no new technology, it’s the first time a flexible rectenna is capable of generating useful electricity.  What’s even more impressive is how cost-efficient it is in that they are made a manufactured on a large scale.

The researchers in charge of the project believe that it has the ability to completely transform society. One day, they believe that they could develop electronic systems that could cover an entire highway or that could be wrapped around a bridge.  This is the future of powering electronics.

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