Wife & Daughter Hire Hit-Men

It has been reported that an Indian woman, together with her four daughters in fact hired hit-men to kill their husband and father due to the fact that he did not allow them to wear jeans.

His dead body was found in a sewage canal, a mere 250 meters from their home. After a police investigation, it became very clear that his family had something to do with his death.  Cameras in the area, as well as listening to the family member’s call history helped authorities crack the case, and ended up getting a confession from his wife and daughters.

Call history showed that his wife, Zahida, was calling a number regularly.  The hired killers were shown on camera entering his home shortly after he entered.  The same evening, five woman helped the killers take the body onto a motorcycle and get rid of it on a canal nearby.

Since there was clear evidence, the wife and her children had no choice but to plead guilty to the crime they committed, and reportedly paid the two killers $1,450 to have their father killed.

In their confession, the daughters and the wife explain that they were frustrated with him due to the restrictions he posed on them, such as not being allowed to wear jeans.  Zahida, his wife also was to receive half of his salary as pension once he died, and one of his daughters also hoped that she would take over his job.

The five of them have been arrested, and the two killers are still on the run.

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