Why Amsterdam Become The World’s Cycling Capital
As every tourist knows, there are without a doubt more bikes in Amsterdam than there are people. The city revolves around two-wheeled transportation.  There is in fact an entire 400 kilometers of bike paths throughout the city, including the center, the suburbs and the periphery.  This allows cyclists to easily and quickly travel around the many neighborhoods of Amsterdam.
Across the world, biking is considered a recreational activity, however the dutch has been cycling non-stop for more than a century and even have their own road-safety skills for bikes specifically, which is basically unheard of elsewhere.  This is partly due to the geography of the Netherlands, since most of the country is on a flat ground, making it very comfortable for cyclists.
During the ’70s, citizens were in fact urged by Dutch politicians to use bikes rather than driving, since the price of oil had skyrocketed.  Following this, many cities in the Netherlands began to try out various cycle networks and allowed urban planners to obtain massive amounts of data to make the most effective plans.
By the ’90s, cycling had become so popular that it surpassed driving in Amsterdam. Today, it’s cycle network only continues to grow.
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