White Noise

Picture oneself, living in a lively city that is constantly filled with tons of people congesting the streets and taxi cabs driving at all hours of the night. As one tries to fall asleep after their long day of work, the outside noises are so distracting and loud that sleep is not in the picture for the night.

Frustrated, one tries to come up with a solution to this madness especially since beauty sleep is always needed. As we try every remedy in the book, nothing helps…not even earplugs. Finally, one day we come across someone talking about white noise and there we have it, our problem is solved!

White noise is a sound that has the ability to mask out the other sounds in the environment. This sound is considering to be both soothing and fuzzy, allowing one to block out surrounding sounds and focus, or in this case, fall asleep.

To access white noise it is very simple since most music mediums have given people access to the sound. Another way one can get the white noise soundtrack is off Youtube or the internet. Once one has their hands on this sound, let us just say, they will never have to deal with the lack of sleep ever again.

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