Just Wait Till You See It

As many know, pictures are worth a thousand words. Sometimes, these pictures can take a turn for the worst when we see or find the unexpected. The moment you see it…whether it be creepy or just too hilarious, we promise you’ll instantly break out into the greatest of laughs. Check out these photos that are too good to be true. When you see it… you’ll know why.


Riding Solo



It looked like this guy is ready to ball out on his new motorcycle. Until we realized, he wasn’t actually riding solo. In fact, with the huge possibility of it not even being a motorcycle…we knew it was too good to be true.



For The Win



While looking at this hockey team pose for their group picture, we can’t help but spot what’s seriously wrong. Peep the left corner of the picture where one of the boys got a bit sick to his stomach. If only the picture was taken a few moments prior, the poor boy wouldn’t have to be embarrassed in front of his entire team.


Bun Head



Most people are aware of what the mix of beach and saltwater might do to one’s hair. As your hair begins to form a multitude of knots, it is recommended to throw it up into a bun, which is exactly what this girl looks like she did. Just stare a bit closer and you’ll see it…



Say ‘I do’



It seems that this man that is about to say ‘I do,’ decided to either joke around or was in serious need of help. Being that he clearly wanted to get out of it before it was too late, the groom decided to broadcast it in the best way he could.


Itty Bitty Titty Committee



Taking a quick look at this picture, we can’t help but instantly want to hit the next button. At first glance, we think it is her breast that is fully out. At second glance, our idea of this picture completely changed and boy is it hilarious.



Girls Night?



Girls nights are usually considered monumental. Whether they decide to get the drinks rolling and the memory books out, girls always know how to have fun. For this group of girls, they took their night to the absolute extreme while getting a bit dirty in the making.


Nice Hair Clip



Okay, seriously…this girl was either not paying attention or her friends decided to pull a prank on her because holy !!!! Imagine chilling out and realizing that there is a massive spider on your head. We aren’t sure about this girl but if that was us, a picture would not have been able to been taken.



Sexy Can I?



Hot, summer, beach days, what can be better? As these girls and guys get their tan on, they decided to snap a picture of their time together to ensure they have a picture that lasts a lifetime.


Lecture Hall



Nothing says college classes more than sitting in a lecture hall with hundreds of people. As we are trying to learn all the information our professor is spewing out to us, quicker than we can imagine, ir can sometimes be hard to pay attention to. Grasping all the information as fast as we can, while trying not to have too many cute and furry distractions.



Mickey Mouse Clubhouse



Disneyland is known for the magic behind it. Being that this is where most of the magic happens, this little girl decided to take it literally. As funny as this seems, it is a bit disturbing, to say the least.