When Spiderman Comes To Life

Rudi Hartono, a thirty-six-year-old Indonesian man has turned himself into a real-life Spiderman, and we’re surely not complaining. 

After attempting and unfortunately not succeeding to convince those in his community to join his efforts to clean up the streets and beaches, he realized he needs to take things a few steps further, which is exactly why he started to wear a superhero costume.

And it worked! People started to notice, and take him more seriously, achieving his goal of serving as a role model for the local community. 

He already had the Spiderman costume from 2 years ago to amuse his nephew, but that was a lost cause as it only scared him. Thankfully, however, Rudi came up with a seriously useful purpose for the costume that had been sitting in his closet.

Those that previously ignored him and his efforts started to take part in picking up trash once they saw him dressed as a superhero, and it was even taken to the internet and went viral. 

It’s safe to say that Rudi has become somewhat of a celebrity in his small hometown of Pare-Pare, and has been inspiring people across the globe to take part in keeping our planet clean. 

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