When Mother Nature Is Caught Making A “Mistake”

Generally, we take it for granted that the world around us looks pretty much the same all the time. The trees are green, the sky is blue, and the dirt is brown. However, once we take a closer look, it turns out that even Mother Nature “messes up” every once in a while, and produces something that totally deviates from the norm. Here are some of the times that nature slipped up and the results were incredible.

When it’s a double rainbow kind of day.

Getty Images/Pete Rowbottom/Moment

Clearly, Mother Nature had just a little too much fun on St Patrick’s day and decided that one rainbow was not enough. So this is the result. It’s pretty crazy to even see one rainbow in the sky, so you can just imagine how people reacted to this unusual sight of 8 rainbows in the sky. Definitely Instagram worthy, that’s for sure.

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