What To Do When You Pull a Muscle

Making fitness a priority in your life is a great thing. There are so many people who struggle with fitness and even just the simple 20-minute workout. That’s why it is really commendable. Now even if you are participating in sports for years or simply working out at the gym you may have pulled a muscle from time to time. This can be extremely painful and sometimes set you back a few days. However, if it really is only a pulled muscle you will be pleased to know that you won’t need to visit the doctor. There are actually a few things you can do at home that can help in this situation.

Even though it’s not like you broke anything, pulling a muscle can be really annoying and well painful. The best thing you can do when you experience a pulled muscle is to rest. Yes, you might need to take some time off from the gym but your body is clearly telling you to take a break from your physical activities. So try and take a few days off from the gym or from whatever sporting activity you participate in. The next best thing you can do is ice your pulled muscle. Now, if it is your first time having a pulled muscle, then icing it might be a bit painful at first.

Don’t worry though, the ice isn’t there to actually cause you more pain. The only reason why you are feeling that pain at first is because your muscle is inflamed. This is actually why you need to use the ice. Ice actually helps you reduce the swelling and inflammation in your muscle. The last thing you can do and this might be the most painful thing and the most helpful. This would be a massage. It would be best to get a massage from a physical therapist but you should know that it will be sore at first and this is only because of how tender your muscle is at the moment.

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