What Is The Best Time To Work Out?

Everyone knows how important working out is. Exercise helps improve all aspects of your life, from increased energy to better creative streaks. But what many people don’t understand is when to work out. For most working adults, the only time to work out is either by waking up earlier in the morning and squeezing in your workout or exercising after work in the evenings.

The latter always seems like a much better idea because who is going to wake up earlier than they are supposed to and leave the comfort of their bed when you can just work out after work? But are you missing out on any potential benefits by not working out in the morning?

Getty Images / Maskot / Maskot

Recent studies demonstrate that morning exercise may activate certain genes in the muscle cells, which boosts their ability to metabolize sugar and fat. While proving this phenomenon requires further research, there is scientific proof that states that morning workouts are indeed more helpful in reducing weight and reducing the chance of getting Type 2 diabetes.

If your goal is to burn more fat then, then you should definitely be exercising in the morning. Exercising on an empty stomach is known to be more effective in burning fat than exercising after a meal. This happens because it is important that your body utilizes fat stores that already exist to fuel exercise, rather than using the food you just ate as fuel.

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