What Is Mountain Boarding?

Do you fancy yourself someone who loves the outdoors and adrenaline? Well, then you must be looking for new ways to combine both your passions. Yes, you can go mountain climbing or even hike for that matter. But is that really enough? Once you have done those things multiple times, it starts to feel boring and it almost becomes normal. This is why you should try new things. One of which is mountain boarding. Mountain boarding allows you to combine your passion for the outdoors and adrenaline. Simply read this article to find out everything you need to know about this extreme sport.

Getty images/DigitalVision/AAGAMIA

Mountain boarding is also known as dirt boarding. This is because you will be using a board to get around the mountain. Now let’s talk about the type of board you will be using. When it comes to mountain boarding you will be using a board that has four wheels attached to it. Your board will also have a deck. Now the wheels used when mountain boarding isn’t just any wheels. They are pneumatic tires. You may be wondering how exactly will you stay attached to your board and well all mountain boards come with bindings which will keep you secure to your bike.

Next, you might be wondering about protective gear. You should know that all extreme sports do require you to have protective gear. This is required so that you can avoid injury. With that said, when mountain boarding you will be wearing a helmet with will protect your head. You will also be wearing knee and elbow pads that will protect you if you were to fall. Remember that even though you will be using bike trails, there are still a number of rocks that you could fall on. Once you have your safety gear and a few lessons from someone more experienced you are all set to go.

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