Websites To Inspire Your Inner Hipster

One of the many things that hipsters commonly like to do is brag about the new blog they found.  That’s why you’ll appreciate this list of hipster inspired websites, to help you be ahead of the game.

The Dissolve

The basic of inventor of cool, Pitchfork has grown their functioning with a film critic website entitled The Dissolve.  It can go both ways with this site; either you’ll end your film debates, or will get them started all over again. It is not yet known whether or not they will use their rating system against users for enjoying certain films.

Nothing Major

Recent profiles on this Nothing Major visual culture blog (also a product of Pitchfork) include a professional souvenir collector, the owners of a vintage skateboard museum and a tattoo artist who is an expert in Chihuahuas and violets. Enough said?

Bedford and Bowery

Bedford and Bowery is the result of recent team work by the NYU Journalism program and New York Magazine. This blog is considered to be focused only on very local news that happens in Brooklyn and on the Lower East Side and has the potential to become the next big breaking news site on matters such as cheap indie concerts.

The Toast

Two past Hairpin members decided to leave and team up to write The Toast blog.  This unique blog is most similar to a college literary journal. The Toast is rather difficult to explain in words, you’ll just have to see for yourself and you won’t be disappointed with their many amusing and humorous pieces.

The Fancy

This website is less new, but it does have new investors that just put $53 million into it. It’s a shopping website that’s about to make it’s big break. What about it makes it so hipster you may ask? For one, The Fancy food giftboxes are available in either a mustache-shaped cookie, or in bacon-flavor.  Look out for the hot tub in a boat as well, sailing through Williamsburg.

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