Websites That Will Boost Your Productivity While You Work From Home

After a long weekend, returning to your regular workday can be pretty tough… especially when your office is your home. Perhaps you didn’t get enough sleep, have a bunch of emails to catch up on, have a test coming up, or need to take care of a task you’ve been procrastinating, and you just need an extra kick to make it through the day. Well the next time you feel this way, it is best to take a little break to boost productivity. If you’re looking for something to do, there are a few websites you can check out that are bound to cheer you up, or even help you focus while you work, to make the adjustment to going back to sitting at the computer screen as smooth as possible.

While you are taking your break check out A Soft Murmur, a super handy website for people who focus better with white noise or calming sounds playing in the background. The website offers 10 free web sounds to spice up your work experience, with the option to pay and upgrade to the full pack. Along with the classic “white noise” option, A Soft Murmur also offers outdoor sounds such as “rain,” “fire,” “wind,” “thunder,” and allows you to play different sounds at the same time, to add the just-right amount of ambiance to your atmosphere. You can even adjust the volume of each sound using a volume panel to make the ratio perfect for you. Keep the website open in a tab while you work and grab a blanket to get yourself cozy as you get ready to jump back into the work grind.

This Is Sand is a great website to go on if you are feeling overwhelmed and need to channel your stress using a creative outlet. Fill this website in with sand by picking a color and moving your mouse across the screen in the areas where you want it to pour. Pick a pretty color palette and make your own online sand jar, or just sprinkle random colors and watch the sand bring the page to life. It’s super satisfying to watch and makes you feel accomplished when you’ve finished. Although playing with real sand is super fun too, this is a less messy activity that occupies less of your schedule and will have you back to finishing your workday in no time.

If you want to put your art skills to the test, check out Quick, Draw!, the virtual game of Pictionary, and get your blood flowing. Upon entering this website, you are greeted with this message: “Can a neural network learn to recognize doodling? Help teach it by adding your drawings to the world’s largest doodling data set, shared publicly to help with machine learning research.” You begin the game by clicking the ‘Let’s Draw!” button where you are then given six objects to draw, for each of which you get 20 seconds on the clock. This Google-designed game will surely give you that extra dose of confidence and energy you need to take on any task you have left on your to-do list.

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