Damaging Your Hair One Day At A Time

After a long day of running multiple errands, going to work and doing your usual routine, we can’t help but want to immediately jump into a nice warm shower the second we get home. As much as we want to do this every single day, not saying we shouldn’t, it is known that washing your hair every day is actually bad for you.

Who doesn’t love the smell of there fresh hair right out of a shower. We get it, it is easily the best feeling especially after a hectic day. Whether you are prone to have greasy, dry or fragile hair this technique is one we should all be following.

When we go through our usual routine of washing our hair everyday, we don’t think of the negatives of doing so because why would we. Well little did we know, we are stripping our hair of natural oils that are essential to our body and lushes hair.

In order to stay clean and not feel disgusting after an intense work out or day, it is recommended that we wash our hair with water.  Doing this will strip our hair of the extra oils that are making our hair feel and look not the best.

Depending on your hair type, it is said to wait a certain amount of days to give your hair a full wash. For people who have oily or fine hair it is recommended to wash every other day. If you have thick curly hair, every three days should be more than sufficient.

As much as we don’t understand this idea, it makes complete sense. We need to take great care of our hair especially if we want it to be looking the same in 30 years. Whether we decide to go with this fact and run with it, that is totally up to us. But it is highly recommended.

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