War On Speed Cameras

Authorities in Sevastopol, a Russian city are frantically searching for the people responsible for destroying more than a dozen speed cameras over the past few weeks.

At the start of December, police began to get reports of damaged stationary speed cameras as well as that the solar panels that power them were damaged.  Police quickly understood that these incidents were no coincidence.

Someone clearly has been specifically targeting them, and have even found highly creative methods of destroying them. Starting out by shooting the cameras with metallic pellets, moving onto sledgehammers, and even tearing down concrete posts that the cameras were mounted on.  Recently, the vandals have also been lighting cameras on fire.

Sixteen speed cameras have already been completely taken apart, and the vandal is yet to be found, with not a single suspect.  Although many motorists have threatened in the past to destroy the cameras that have caught them speeding, no one has ever truly followed through. That is, until now.

According to officials, the current damages already have cost Russia tens of millions of Russian rubles. Thankfully, the cameras are insured, but in turn, this also is pushing the insurance company to take part in the search for the camera vandals.

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