Walmart’s Floor Scrubbing Robots

Walmart, the superstore we all know and love has added automated robots to its team of employees with the intention of having them scrub the floor. It has been reported that they plan on adding thousands more of these robots too.

According to Walmart officials, this form of automation can help take away mundane tasks that other employees don’t enjoy taking on, while at the same time, create new opportunities for other positions in the company.

One Walmart employee, who has chosen to identify themselves merely as Mark, however, has come forward with his feelings towards such robots, complaining that his daily tasks have not been made easier, but rather even more tedious.

Mark expresses that not only does the robot create a potential danger for shoppers as anyone can trip over it, but it also places the responsibility on him to watch over the robot like a small child, referring to the situation as almost babysitting.

The robots are connected to the cell phones of employees who receive a text message whenever it is in need of assistance. In the same amount of time, the employee themselves could have just cleaned the floor themselves.  These automated bots apparently only do the simple stuff, such as scrubbing the same aisle over and over again and need to be assigned a task in order to execute it.

These robots are still in the prototype phase, and will hopefully improve as they are tested more and more. Maybe eventually they will be able to serve their initial purpose of reducing certain tasks for Walmart employees, hopefully without riding them of their jobs entirely though.

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