Waking Up With A British Accent

In the past seven years, an Arizona woman has woken up on three different occasions with a different accent.  Doctors have found her to have a rare disease.

Michelle Myers, who is a mother of seven and a past beauty queen claims that she has never even been outside of America. However seven years ago, after taking a nap due to a headache, she woke up speaking in an Irish accent.

The accent lasted for around a week, and then three years later it happened again. She woke up with an Australian accent. It also lasted for around a week.

Myers explains that the headache she suffered from in 2015 was so painful that she couldn’t even see from her right eye, and the left side of her body went paralyzed. After going to the emergency room, she woke up with a British accent. This time however, it did not last a week, but has stayed with her since.

As far as doctor’s see it, Myers is not playing games and actually has a real condition known as Foreign Accent Syndrome. This condition usually causes a stroke or another condition that can led to neurological damage.  She also suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome which causes her joints to hurt greatly.

Myers further explains that due to her condition she even says the name’s of her children differently, and that she misses her old self and the way she used to speak.  Many people do not take this condition seriously and it is a real challenge for Myers to live like this.

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