VR For Black Friday

Black Friday happens once a year, and is a lot for stores to handle, quite obviously.

So how does a company train 1.2 million employees for such a thing? Well, in the case of Walmart, you require your workers to strap on a virtual reality headset.

Walmart is reported to have created an entire 200 VR training academies. Here, employees are given the chance to get a better feel for a wide variety of situations that might occur while on the job at Walmart. One of these situations is Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year in America.

In the training demo, build specially for Black Friday, employees see themselves in Walmart, on shift, while the store is jam packed with customers. Shoppers are coming by from every possible direction, pushing each other around and staring down the employees.

The VR system offers the option of pausing the action, in order to allow the trainee to ask a question about the scene happening.  The idea of this is to help Walmart employees better be prepared for the chaos of Black Friday.

According to research done by Walmart, their employees retain a significantly larger amount of information by using virtual reality, in comparison to traditional methods such as classroom lessons.

So if this Black Friday was pretty calm for you at Walmart, thank VR.

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