Vision Resorted Due To An Accident

Janusz Goraj, a Polish man, unfortunately, lost his eyesight in his left eye two decades ago due to some severe allergies and has been partially blind ever since, able to see only shadows and light with his right eye. 

But somehow, he has recovered his vision after being hit by a car.  Yes, you read that right. While crossing the street, he was hit by a car, and his vision was miraculously returned. 

While at the moment, the accident seemed like a horrific tragedy, hitting his head hard on the hood of the car, and also damaging his hip and having to undergo a surgical process, the accident ended up actually being a real blessing. 

Goraj spent a few weeks in the hospital to recover from the surgery, and one day, all of a sudden, he woke up and was shocked to see more than just some shadows and lights – his vision came back!

Doctors were just as shocked as he was, and no one had a logical explanation. Some doctors believe that it could be due to the drugs he was taking for the pain, but nothing is certain, and Goraj has not agreed to be part of any kind of study. 


Either way, he’s, of course, overjoyed to be back to himself twenty years later, and now has been given a job at the hospital as a security guard.

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