Virtual Reality Office Space

One of the world’s most successful and fastest growing real estate companies, eXp has become well known for their decision to not invest in any actual real-estate.

Rather, they’ve gone for virtual reality offices that allow it’s brokers and agents to interact from anywhere and everywhere.  The founder of eXp, Glenn Sanford founded the company following the collapse of the real estate market about a decade ago, in 2007.

Sanford couldn’t afford office space, so he decided to create a system that allowed his team to work remotely. It would help the company avoid any potential issues with real-estate in the future.

eXp began to use services like Google spreadsheets and Docs to be able to work together without sharing the same place. However three years ago, the company took this remote vision to a whole new level. They created a virtual reality office space, with meeting rooms, lounges, auditoriums and more.

It’s virtual reality campus is now a software that can be downloaded on the computers of employees and can be accessed from anywhere.

This also means that the company can hire talented people regardless of where they are located, and it gives everyone the feeling that they are working together in an office.

The cost-reduction advantage however is of course the most beneficial, especially when it comes to an office with 12,000 employees.

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