Viral Food Combinations

Everyone gets those weird cravings that just no one understands. But thanks to the internet and social media, some of those cravings have gone viral. When looking at these food combinations you might just think it’s weird. But you won’t really know until you have tried it. After all, we all
thought that rainbow-colored foods were weird and now it’s a regular menu item at some restaurants. So let’s take a look at some weird food combinations.

If you have been to McDonald’s you know their fries are the best. But have you ever thought of using your ice cream as a dipping sauce for your fries? Probably not, especially if you have loads of sauces to choose from. However, social media has gone wild with this food combination. When you think of it, salty and sweet to kind of go together. The saltiness of the fries and the sweet creaminess of the ice cream might just make a good team.

Here’s another sweet and savory food combination for you, chips and chocolate. That’s right, everyone’s favorite snack food with everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure. Much like fries and ice cream, these two complement each other with their sweet and salty flavors. Now you may be thinking about which chips, frankly you can mix any chips you’d like. Remember the point of a weird food combination is that you find it tasty.

The next weird food combination might not be too weird to you seeing that it has been around for a few years. You guessed it, it’s pizza and ranch dressing. Ranch dressing is a household must for most families but you might not have tried it as a dipping sauce for your favorite slice of pizza. Many say that it’s a combination you have to try at least once. Weird food combinations use to be for pregnant women but hay we all have our cravings.

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