Vintage Life In Iran

Right before the historical turning point in February 1979, Iran was actually catching up to the modern western world. Surprisingly enough, Iran was a different world then it is now, one we might even recognize similar to our own. The following is a collection of photographs that were taken before 1979 showing what life was like in Iran before change rapidly occurred.


Date Night



It is date night and you know what that means! Women loved to wear gorgeous fashion pieces that really made a statement. And the men were looking really fly themselves.



Sea Side



Iran is situated so that in the north they have access to the Caspian Sea and in the south, they have the Persian Gulf. Both are wonderful places to hang out with a couple of friends and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Spring Shindig



Families and friends got together on Fridays, the weekend in Iran. Picnics, in particular, are a big part of Iranian culture and was a popular pastime. Socialization was a huge part of daily life. Worldliness was appreciated and taken advantage of. Tehran, the capital of Iran, funded study abroad in Europe.



As Pretty As A Princess



This gorgeous photograph of Fatimeh Pahlavi is jaw-dropping. Born in 1928, in Tehran, Iran, Fatimeh was a member of the Pahlavi dynasty. It’s no surprise that this royal is so elegant and sophisticated.


Playing In The Park



This is such a candid shot of parents playing with their children at the park. Also, if you can see in the background, there are such tall beautiful green trees. It’s amazing to see nature there.



Never Off Duty



The 1970s in Iran was an amazing time for women to explore their options because there were many. Doors began to open for women everywhere in all sectors of life.


Book Club



It’s no surprise that during this time period many women were reading books. It was during this period, after all, that women were granted as many educational rights as possible.



Kick It



This is such a great shot! This woman surely had such a bright future ahead of herself as a soccer star. It was a period of time that was looking brighter than ever for women.





These cool cats are killing those bell-bottom jeans. Back in the 1970s, people felt free to walk the streets in whatever suited them. It’s amazing how this photo looks like it could have been taken in an American town.



Ready, Set, Go



Women also enjoyed participating in sports. As you can see from this image, these athletes took the sport very seriously. We love this picture because it’s really an action shot. So we feel like we were actually there watching the race.


Girl Gang



Women chose to wear Western-style clothes and felt free to express themselves in their fashion. It was totally normal for them to wear makeup and jewelry. Fashion magazines would show gorgeous women looking no different from their Western counterparts.




Serious Studies



It is so cool to see this photo of students back in the 1970s. They appear to be doctors listening to a lecture. We also really appreciate the guy on the bottom right in a sweet tuxedo and sunglasses!