Vintage Boss Ladies With All The Girl Power

Modern women of the 21st century could certainly learn a thing or two from those of the 20th century. Between winning race car competitions, recklessly riding motorcycles, leading the police force and overall just looking beyond incredible and powerful at everything they take on,  these vintage ladies seriously prove what it means to be a girl boss.


Road Racer



While many people are under the impression that when it came to women and cars back in the day, it only meant having a photoshoot of her next to the car due to her good looks, this couldn’t be farther from reality! Women actually took part in these competitions and many of them also took the first place.


Riding In Style



Not only did ladies back in the day ride motorcycles, but they also did so in serious style – looking both confident and as fashionable as can be in their leather biker outfits.  If only women of today still looked like this while riding motorcycles! Modern women, take note!


Boss Girl Boxing



While boxing may often be thought to be a man’s sport, there’s no reason why women can’t enjoy it either.  Not only do women deserve to exert their incredible strength, but practicing is a great way to always be able to protect themselves. These vintage ladies weren’t going to rely on their husbands to look out for them.


Girl Gang



This girl gang means serious business and is not to be messed with. Unless of course you want to get hurt but don’t say we didn’t warn you before.  You may have grown up believing that gangs are only compromised of men, but these vintage women are here to prove you all wrong.