Vietnam Crazy House
Astreet in Đà Lạ is home to an alternate dimension. Upon entering this place, your entire world will be shifted into surreal and warped sights of reality.  The materials are rather familiar, such as rebar, paint, and cement, but the construction itself is a complete maze filled with bizarre hallucinations.
This would be Hằng Nga Guesthouse, best known as the Crazy House. The Crazy House opened for the first time to the public in 1990 as a pet project of a well known architect.  She built the now famous guesthouse after all the natural beauty she saw in the green mountains, and the structure of the guesthouse is based on a banyan tree.
The guesthouse, from an architectural perspective has been said to be expressionist work, with many seeing Salvador Dali influences in the house.  Although the entire structure is man maid, it still feels so natural.  What should also be noted is that the artist made no blueprints for the guesthouse, but rather showed her craftsmen paintings of her ideas.
Many tourists come to see the strange maze like paths, but it actually has rooms for people to stay in too.  There really are no words that can do this place justice.


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