Victoria Secret No Fashion Show

After a long and incredible run, the one and only, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show has officially been canceled. A decision that has many models, industry members, and watches both in shock but a bit thrilled.

Over the past years, the show has had many equality and feminism issues that have gotten people quite enraged. As complaints were continued to be thrown towards the company and the CEO, it was time for the industry to come up with a game plan, which was way more serious than expected.

Since the main issues people had with the show were very flexible, it was interesting to see that the route the fashion show took was that permanent. Overall, this is one instance that proves that companies need to be aware of their actions and to be inclusive to all.

At this point in time, people do not take these topics lightly since we are living in such an accepting and open society. So, for the fashion show to still be running and not conforming properly would be of no use.

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