Vicariously Indulging

For anyone that loves to eat and drink, do so for free, and also make some extra money while they’re at it – then we’ve got the perfect job for you. Although a strange concept that most of us will never quite wrap our heads around,  there’s actually a new online platform in China that offers people the unique service of providing people to eat for them.

Yep, you got that right. Some people actually don’t want to eat tasty food themselves for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they would like to satisfy their craving for indulgent food without actually having to spend the calories, or perhaps are just flat out bored out of their minds, and want to watch someone eat the foods of their dreams.

The completely mind-boggling platform is known as Taobao. Anyone that wants to use the unique service just needs to go online, and can hire these workers to eat any food or drink. The cost ranges between thirty cents and a dollar thirty five, not including the cost of the food that the client requested them to consume, of course.

The consumer then sends video evidence of them eating the requested food or drink, including a very detailed explanation of the taste as well as the experience. It’s not the most ideal way to make tons of money, but it’s still a great way to get some free food without investing too much effort.