Valentine’s Day

Around this time, each year, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and even clothing stores start to sell all things related to Valentine’s Day. Whether it is pink, red or white, these items are available to purchase all for the sake of proving the immense amount of love someone has for their significant other or even friend.

Most of the time, Valentine’s Day is only celebrated by couples but as times have changed, people started to appreciate everyone around them even if it isn’t someone they see a future with. In this case, Galentines Day usually comes about. A time where all the single ladies can join together, make cookies, and watch sappy movies that commemorate their availability and lack of being in love.

Now, whether one is celebrating with a significant other or just friends, it does not change the multiple aspects of the day. With Valentines Day being a day of love and friendship, it is always filled with flowers, chocolate, dinner dates and everything that would make a person feel extremely special. Sometimes significant others even go above and beyond, surprising their loved ones with a trip of a lifetime, a day activity or a very large present making February 14th, one of a kind.

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