Urban Outfitters Uncovered

It’s safe to say that many young, fashionable hipsters have a somewhat love-hate relationship with Urban Outfitters.  Their clothing is easy to fall in love with, but with so many controversies within the company some disapproval will always exist in our hearts too.

They are best known for their beanies and wacky platform shoes, but who are they really and why are they so successful?

Urban Outfitters Inc. is an American company that sells various clothing brands, including Free People, Anthropologie, BHLDN and Terrain in over 400 locations across the globe.

The company was founded by Richard Hayne, who is also the CEO. Hayne has endorsed certain highly conservative and controversial campaigns that do not completely match up with the young, liberal-minded purchasers of Urban Outfitters.

They have been criticized for cultural appropriation, by selling items that were specifically labeled that they were not made by American Indians. Urban Outfitters also once upon a time were selling t-shirts written Eat Less that was taken off of the store shelves in 2010. Promoting eating disorders is never a good idea.

Unlike other stores such as Topshop where most of the clothing belongs to the brand itself and is under the same name, Urban Outfitters sells close to 255 brands, with 8 of them made solely for Urban Outfitters.  There is no brand that says Urban Outfitters, but their unique lines cannot be found anywhere else.

All items are on the shelves for about 8-10 weeks, and then it goes on the sale rack. This makes it quite easy to find a good bargain and has changed the notion that the store is only for cool students with lots of money to spend.

Urban Outfitters has aimed to be the one stop shop for the complete alternative hipster style, with home ware, music and anything else you may need available throughout the store.

Although most items are mass produced, there are some stores that have only limited editions of certain items. The popular store helps people feel as though they are standing out, and at the same time look just like everyone else at the same time.

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