Urban Farming: The Next Agricultural Revolution?

For centuries, science and technology have propelled the agriculture industry into periods of excess surplus and unparalleled advancement. At the same time, there is an ongoing hunger epidemic for which there is no sustainable solution at this time. Many experts believe that urban farming, which is the industry of bringing the practices of rural farming to smaller, vertical spaces in urban environments such as major cities or areas defined by overpopulation and food shortage, is one viable part of a longer-term solution.

While it looks like urban farming can provide unmatched benefits to areas recognized as food deserts, not everyone believes in the solution as a revolution to the agriculture industry. While easy to set up, it does require knowledge, skill, and commitment to maintain a successful urban farm. Additionally, very few select crops and plants can be grown in urban environments, making it only part of a solution for our present day crisis. But, many agree that this type of technology does have the potential to influence millions of Americans in need of accessible, affordable food. While many of the kinks are still being worked out to scale urban farming to a global scale, the individuals and organizations at the front lines have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

To join the urban farming revolution, check out these resources:

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