Up and Coming Rappers in a Lane of Their Own

The rap game moves fast. The virtually unknown become superstars overnight, and they’re just as quick to fade out from the spotlight. There is a constant circulation of ‘fresh talent’ in and out of the industry, which makes the Hip=Hop industry even more cutthroat than other fields of entertainment, but it also makes the Hip-Hop industry a dynamic, lively musical landscape. These are some of the most promising young talents out there.


Mario Judah



Whether he’s perfecting the unlikely crossover of Weeb-Metal-Trap or parroting Playboi Carti’s patented baby voice, Mario Judah is always up to something, patiently waiting to play one of the seemingly endless aces up his sleeve. This year, Mario Judah didn’t only burst into the scene as a refreshing, truly eccentric musician, he also proved his worth in the realm of marketing, constantly coming up with different viral stunts to boost his popularity.





The soapiest rapper-producer of them all. TisaKorean has taken the austerity of modern rap music and pushed it to its edge. The Texan artist has been treading the line between raw, skeletal Tik-Tok anthems and bizarre, dissonant, Avant-Hop. In fact, he’s the one who illuminated the mutual space these two distinct genres inhabit. Definitely one of the most outlandish voices in modern Hip-Hop.





645AR is, on the one hand, uncompromisingly weird. On the other hand, he’s a natural adjunct to a world in which Carti’s aforementioned baby voice inflections reign supreme. Carti’s relative absence from the music industry also made room for many Carti Clones – rappers desperately mimicking Carti’s signature delivery style. 645AR, however, took it just one step further, going full helium-infused-baby mode on us, somehow managing to sound more like a Pokemon than any living creature. The results are magnificent, and 645AR affinity for the weird, exemplified by his unlikely collaboration with beloved boundary-pushing pop star FKA Twigs, has us on the edge of our seats with anticipation.


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