Unique Sports You Don’t Know About

You may think of yourself as a sports lover, be it football, soccer, or even tennis. But what you don’t know is that there are a few sports that you might not have heard of before. This includes extreme ironing. Yes, you read that right, ironing is considered an actual sport. However, it’s not just any kind of ironing, it’s extreme ironing. Here you will find out about some unique sports played in other countries.

Let’s start off with extreme ironing. This unique sport originated in Britain. Now you are probably thinking, how can ironing be an extreme sport. Well, competitors from all over the world come together and literally iron. Don’t worry it’s a bit more complicated than that. You see it is not what they are doing that makes it extreme but where they are doing it. Competitors iron in some of the most dangerous places and situations. This includes waterfalls, caves, forests, and even on kayaks.

Getty Images / Xinhua News Agency

The next unique sport might seem a bit self-explanatory. Wife Carrying is considered a sport in Finland. This may confuse you a bit because a husband carrying his wife doesn’t really seem like a sport but in Finland it is. Here’s what makes it a sport. Husbands need to carry their wives through an obstacle course of 253.5 meters long. The course has to consist of 1 dry obstacle and 2 water obstacles. Each wife has to weigh in around 59 kilograms and if her husband drops her there will be a 15-second penalty.

The sport is so popular that it even has a world championship. The winner of the wife carrying championship gets his wife’s weight in beer. Lastly, on our list of unique sports, we have chees rolling. Now we all know we shouldn’t play with our food but with this sport, it’s a must. With this sport, a wheel of Gloucester cheese is rolled down the hill with a 1-second head start, and competitors race behind it.

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