Ultraviolet Index

As summer is upon us, it is bound for us to feel the heat. Whether we are walking to work or headed to the beach, the ultraviolet rays are out to get us in every which direction. Being that summer is one of the hottest times of the year, it is advised to keep cover at all times.

In order to check what the UV index is on a daily basis many weather applications have a section on their page stating the scale of the UV. Each number from 0-11 indicates “the amount of skin-damaging UV rays reaching the Earth’s surface during the day,” according to the Federal Food and Drug Administration. The scale goes from low to high, the higher the index number the stronger the sun.

When checking the UV index it is important to be aware of the effects the sun can have on our skin. So instead of going to the beach and laying out in the sun for hours when the UV index is a 11, it is advised to stay in the shade, drink water and wear sunblock when traveling to a destination.

As much as we believe it is great to look tan at times, we only have one outside layer of skin and once we fry it, there is no turning back. Take care of your skin, check the UV index and take appropriate measures when need be.