UK Bridal Shop Surprises Passersby With A Wheelchair-Bound Mannequin

In many ways, our society has become much more progressive when it comes to inclusivity for disabled people. But unfortunately, it is still very rare to see themselves represented by the fashion industry. That’s why UK bridal shop The White Collection decided to take matters into their own hands.

Back in January of 2019, passersby were treated to a lovely and heartwarming surprise when they passed by the bridal boutique. In the window display were several mannequins wearing the store’s beautiful white gowns. One of them was seated in a wheelchair.

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People were incredibly moved by the shop’s supportive gesture. And although that’s pretty understandable, in a way, it’s also sad that it was so shocking. On a positive note, the fashion industry has indeed been more inclusive in recent years, and we are seeing more models with disabilities in clothing ads.

Interestingly, the local shop did not expect to get all the attention that it did. They didn’t even consider sharing the window display on their social media page. the original image of the mannequin was actually posted by a woman named Beth Wilson, who brought the touching display to the attention of the world. However, the staff at The White Collection are definitely happy that their small act is being used to spread a message of positivity and kindness.

We as a society still have a ways to go in terms of progress and representation of all types of people, but its moments like these that give us all hope. It’s often the actions of small businesses and individuals that inspire change on a larger scale.

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