Ugandan Refugees Training AI

The number of people across the globe that have been forced to leave their homes due to persecution, violence, or war has raised to the shocking number of 68.5 million. Just for some context, this is larger than the entire population of the United Kingdom.

A nonprofit organization, REFUNITE has made it their mission to help as many refugees as possible to connect with their lost family members. They believe that they’ve found a way to help them financially as well, while at the same time, advancing artificial intelligence.

In order to train artificial intelligence, researchers must feed the system on a regular basis with highly detailed data that has been labeled.  The non profit organization announced that they’ve created LevelAppm which will make it easy and accessible for anyone who owns a smartphone to earn money to label AI training data.

At the moment, they are carrying out a pilot project of the app with 5,000 Ugandan refugees. It the plan is successful, then they hope to scale things up and have an entire 25,000 refugees working on the project by 2021.

Through LevelApp, refugees could make as much as $20 a day. While this might not sound like so much, for a refugee in Uganda, this could be life changing, and is nearly 16 times more than what they typically earn.

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