Ubers Flying Taxis

While Uber’s self-driving car system is not doing so well recently, their flying taxi project is.  The company announced that they will opening an Uber Elevate research station in Paris, France.

The researchers plan to spend five years working on the project with a budget of $23.4 million. They will research how to navigate air traffic while following European regulations.

This is the first of Uber’s flying car lab to be found out of the U.S, however should come of no surprise that it made it’s way to France, with the president announcing that he plans to make it a start-up nation. 

France has made several other advancements recently towards this goal, such as Facebook agreeing to sponsor a total of 48 artificial intelligence fellowships within French universities.

The most ambitious however remains Uber’s flying taxis. Air space in Europe is highly regulated and these planes are not quite full airplanes, they are more similar to drones.

For now, the plan is to conduct a testing in 2020 if all goes well with the regulation requirements.