Uber Pet

Uber is the way to go, whenever one is in need of a last-minute ride to their destination of choice. The only problem is that sometimes these uber rides call for bringing along your furry friend, which some drivers do not allow. This being the case, Uber has come up with a way to avoid people from calling Ubers and having to cancel them when the driver does not allow the pet to come along for the ride.

This feature will be starting on the ride-sharing application on October 16th in a few cities, according to Bustle. Before calling a ride on Uber, one will be able to select “Uber Pet.” When doing so, there will be a small upcharge on the ride. If one has a service animal, there will be no surcharge on the ride since Uber already has policies in place for these riders. In the case of having a service animal, one doesn’t actually have to call a ride with Uber Pet.

Either way with this new feature in place, riders will be able to ensure that they secured a comfortable ride without having to deal with any complications with having a four-legged friend with them since drivers will already be aware of the situation. Overall, making Uber once again the greatest ride-sharing application to this date.