Uber Eats Delivery: Drone Edition

Uber eats is soon to launch a drone that will be able to take door to door delivery services to the absolute next level. The launch will first take place in San Diego in partnership with McDonald’s.

How it works: The restaurant of the customers choice will load the order into a drone. From that point, the drone will then notify a nearby Uber Eats delivery partner to meet the drone at the specified location. When the drone arrives, the delivery partner will then take the order and deliver it to your door step.

The delivery process will not be 100% completed by the drone due to Uber focusing on dense, urban areas. In the future, Uber’s goal is to land “the drones on top of parked Uber vehicles located near the delivery locations. From there, the Eats delivery driver will complete the last mile to hand-deliver the food to the customer.” This is according to Megan Rose Dickey, from techcrunch.com.

The technology behind the drone is powered by Elevate Cloud System, a system Uber will use to manage the drones every move. Uber Elevate Head of Flight Operations Luke Fisher said, “We don’t need to get the drone direct to our customers or consumers, we just have to get it close enough.”

Uber’s main goal with drone delivery is to simply get the meals to customers faster and allow restaurants to reach more crowd. In due time, Uber will expand the drone delivery service to new areas giving customers a high-tech delivery experience.

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