U.S. Women’s Soccer Team: Equal Pay

Just a few months ago the United States Women’s soccer team made national headlines when they won the World Cup. After celebrating their win, they filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against U.S. soccer. Both for the unfairness in pay equity and working conditions.

The U.S. Women’s soccer team is the true resemblance of a team who proves to the world their strength and ability. Throughout time, women have been looked at in a different light. More specifically, women athletes have been treated unfairly compared to men athletes.

This issue is one that is still very prominent in today’s society, which is why the team ensured to make change one of their off the field goals. Of course, after they won the World Cup. In the case that was brought to court recently, negotiations sparked and didn’t get very far.

It has been said that these women aren’t backing down, no matter what the case may be. The hope of the lawsuit was that it did not get brought to trial and just was resolved in court. So far, it is looking like the court is going to be the final result. Due to the lack of agreement and understanding by these women.

Equal pay is well deserved not just for these specific women on the U.S. soccer team but for anyone that plays the game. No matter who you are, male or women, we should be being paid the identical amount. Just because women are looked at in a certain light does not mean that they are incapable of doing the unthought-of in the court’s eyes. Clearly, the U.S. Women’s Soccer team was able to accomplish more than expected.

Hopefully, in due time and with the persistence of the team, change will begin to occur and the lack of equal pay will be a thing of the past. Overall, equality is not a lot to ask for.

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