T-Rex Brain Coolant

Way back then, when dinosaurs walked planet Earth, life was very different. In fact, it was unique, which is why scientists still continue to do an immense amount of in-depth research on dinosaurs.

To gain an understanding of what paleontologists are studying, it is important to be aware of how large animals, like elephants, have evolved to used strategies to stay cool. Seeing this in present-day wildlife, scientists have believed that dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus rex used the same mechanisms.

According to National Geographic, “Researchers led by Casey Holliday looked at large holes in the tops of carnivorous dinosaur skills called dorsotemportal fenestrae. Careful anatomical study revealed that the cavities probably contained tissue with fat and blood vessels.”

It is said that these structures that dinosaurs had could have been used for dumping heat into the environment. In all, giving these creatures a way to cool down. After being studied more, scientists have compared these regions with “heat exchanger on an air-conditioning unit,” according to National Geographic.

Interestingly enough, scientist’s findings have been tested by thermal imaging cameras. In order to gain a clear understanding of T. Rex dinosaurs and the way they managed to keep their bodies at a cool temperature.

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