Two-Headed Animals

The old saying that two heads are better than one may not necessarily true.  It sounds good on paper to have more brain power to think, but when it comes down to actually solving a problem, having an extra head is inevitably something abnormal and will strike looks from others. Especially with two heads, if someone is staring at you, you’re bound to see them with at least one of your heads.  The animal kingdom has somehow created several two-headed creatures.


Does a porpoise have a purpose for having two heads? Debatable. The first found porpoise was spotted by Dutch fisherman who threw it back into the water without knowing how special it really is and that it was the first species with dicephalic parapagus, meaning partial twinning.  It is believed that they die very quickly after birth, making them an extremely rare species.


As if snakes weren’t already scary enough, try picturing a two-headed snake creeping around you. In China, this is the reality. Someone found a two-headed cobra which is believed to have been alive for 10 days after being discovered.  Each head had it’s own brain and was able to move it’s self. Sweet dreams!


A two-headed cow named Sana Saida (Arabic for Happy New Year) was born in a small village in Morocco. However surprisingly they are not too uncommon, others have been found in Florida and Kentucky.


Other than a gecko being the Geico car insurance trademark creature, little is known about gecko’s. But now you also know that a two-headed one exists. The first one was found in an apartment in Thailand and was such a baby that he still had egg shell on his head.


A two-headed cat with three eyes was born in china and defied the odds of one in a million. The cat’s master believes that the cat is blind and that each head has different functions. One drinks milk and purrs, while the other cleans itself with its tongue.


This little piggies friends went all the way home or all the way to the market. But instead, he went to the doctor.  His two heads and three eyes shocked Chinese farmers who feared he would not survive in such a condition.


The only two headed lamb was euthanized almost immediately after his birth in Wales due to fear of a virus that was infesting the entire region, and unfortunately no research was able to be conducted on the causes of his deformity.


Apparently cockroaches can live without a head, which makes it even weirder that there’s one with two.  He is a mutant South African roach and would cause twice the suffering to whoever’s apartment he is hanging out in.


A Massachusetts woman got the shock of her life when she found a two-headed, three-beaked baby cardinal in her backyard.  An adult cardinal fed the baby, but experts believed that they baby did not have a long life ahead.

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