Twitter Deletes Accounts

Twitter released a statement proposing that they were going to send out emails to all users accounts that have been inactive for six months or longer. Once this announcement was made, users replied back in an aggressive outcry especially if they have loved ones that are no longer alive to make that call.

As this soon became the talk of the town, Twitter decided that they were going to postpone this idea until they were able to figure out a better way to memorialize the accounts of the no longer living.

Many people argued that if Twitter removed the accounts they would be taking away the freedom of speech people get from their unspoken words on their account. Although the tweets were at least six months in the past, Twitter did not see an issue with this but then again, what would the point of the application even be?

To look back at past twitter posts and retweets is the amusing part of the social media application to begin. So to take that away, would not be very logical on the companies’ part. Thankfully, they have reconsidered the idea with extensive measures.